The Gaufre Gourmet

We're curbside in Portland, Oregon at the Gaufre Gourmet cart for sweet and savory Belgian waffle delights like the award-winning Spicy Goat.

Charlene Wesler’s inspiration for The Gaufre Gourmet is rooted in her love of gourmet cuisine and Portland’s thriving food cart business. As sole proprietor of the liège style waffle cart, Charlene added a touch of the exotic to her business with the word gaufre, which means waffle in French. Together with fellow chef Michael Susak, Charlene offers waffles, catering, and coffee.

The Waffles

The liège style waffle is made from a sweet brioche-style dough (not a batter) with big chunks of pearl sugar that are kneaded into the dough immediately before baking. The yeasted dough gives these waffles a dense and chewy texture, while the sugar gives them a sweet flavor and a carmelized coating.

“We worked for a year to perfect our recipe before opening in 2010. Our pearl sugar is imported directly from the source in Belgium, to ensure we are bringing the most authentic Liege style waffle to Portland.” -Charlene Wesler

While liège style waffles are delicious on their own, The Gaufre Gourmet continues to take their waffles to the next level by using fresh, local, organic ingredients to make their toppings entirely from scratch. Customers faint over their sweet and savory options, fully appreciating Charlene and Michael’s commitment to offering the best of the Northwest’s bounty of seasonal offerings.

“We put our heart and soul into these creations and we know that you will taste the difference.” -Charlene Wesler

The Coffee

In taste tests all over Portland to find the very best coffee to serve with their waffles, The Gaufre Gourmet found a local roaster to develop a unique blend of beans.  St John Roasters and Gaufre Gourmet worked together to get the combination of beans that will best compliment the waffles. To bring out the full flavor of the coffee, all Gaufre Gourmet employees have been trained in the art of Italian espresso. So, please…come taste the quality and craftsmanship inside each and every cup of coffee! It goes perfectly with any waffle.

The Buzz

The Gaufre Gourmet has been featured on Food Network, Cooking Channel and in The Trailer Food Diaries, Portland Edition and Portland Food Cart Stories.  We are written up in several blogs, including Portland Food Cart Adventures, Mercy Corps NorthwestBreakfast in BridgetownFood Carts PortlandWilliamette WeekPush The Plate, The Art of Weddings, and have been featured in a video courtesy of Intel on We are also known for catering on the set of NBC's series Grimm and the cart has made a few appearances in episodes. 

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Gaufre Gourmet, LLC

6663 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy #194 Portland OR  97225